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During my various field work trips out of Kigali, I worked closely with a remote community where a particular primary school caught my attention. I approached the school alongside my two other colleagues to learn more about the school and the challenges they faced. As we engaged in conversations with the school leader, the realization that most of the students struggled to afford even the most basic necessities such as school lunch, which cost less than a dollar per term, essential scholastic materials and other critical needs weighed heavily on my heart. I knew I had to take action. Driven by this determination, I took the initiative to reach out to the parents and guardians of these students, I believed that finding sustainable ways to support them was the key to unlocking their true potential. Through these interactions, the seed of an idea began to grow. A vision of a foundation that would champion inclusive education, empower the youth, and uplift women while building resilient communities. And so, Inspire Change Foundation was born. The foundation's mission is clear, to provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for education, empower the youth, and support the women to promote financial inclusion.

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